The Boers at the End of the World / Boere op die Aardsdrempel (Documentary Feature Film)

83 minutes

Languages: Afrikaans, Spanish, English

In a remote stretch of Patagonia, Argentina, there is a family – the Dickasons – who speak a language from a country 7,000km to the east. They are part of a 114-year-old Afrikaans Boer community – settlers of South African Dutch descent who sailed across the ocean after the destruction of a war with the British. Today, less than 50 still speak the language and they struggle to keep their culture alive. Patriarch “Ty” Dickason, 82, is a cowboy who has never flown in a plane – and yet he yearns to one day visit the country of his blood before he and his compatriots pass away.

This multiple South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA)-winning documentary is a portrait of the last days of the community – a parallel world where Afrikaans was never linked to Apartheid – and one family’s journey to reconnect with South Africa.

“Exquisitely documents a profound homecoming” – Twitch Film
“A stirring, gripping tale” – Stage & Screen
“Fascinating, beautiful – ★★★★” – IOL Tonight
“Even a heart of stone would be moved by this doccie” – Huisgenoot
“★★★★½” – Woman Online
“Cathartic, spellbinding” – Spling
“★★★★” – RSG

Director: Richard Finn Gregory

Producer: Kelly Scott

Director of Photography: Richard Finn Gregory

Editors: Ronelle Loots & Richard Finn Gregory

Original Score: Louis Nel & Rian Zietsman

Sound Design: Daniel Eppel